IE Student Film Festival

Stories Are What Define Us, Define Your Story


IESFF will also feature a range of diverse and unique workshops designed to deepen your knowledge of Film Making, Entertainment Industry and the skills needed to make it in this world. The list of our world-class lecturers and workshop timelines will be announced here shortly


IE International Student Film Festival is a chance for filmmakers across the globe to participate in a new approach to filmmaking. It's a chance for students to find their voice, to tell their stories, to show them to an international and diverse audience and to showcase their talents to businesses across the world looking for innovative and creative content makers.

The festival brings together artists and businesses so they can collaborate and build on their resources to make greater things together...

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The first addition of IESFF will give students across the world the chance to showcase their work and be seen by a wide and international range of audience. You can enter your film in the general category or our special category of "my world, my story"





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