IE International Student Film Festival is a chance for filmmakers across the globe to participate in a new approach to filmmaking. It's a chance for students to find their voice, to tell their stories, to show them to an international and diverse audience and to showcase their talents to businesses across the world looking for innovative and creative content makers.
The festival brings together artists and businesses so they can collaborate and build on their resources to make greater things together.

IE Film Festival is for students across the globe telling their stories through short films and leaving their impact on the world. Not everybody has expensive equipment, not everyone has access to professional people and not everyone has the connections to spread their message; but anybody has the capability to tell a good story and that’s all we need to convey a message, to inspire and to make a change.
Our ultimate goal is to bring different voices together to tell and hear stories. Because all you need to change the world, is a good story…

This festival is being held with the help of IE University, IE's Campus life and also IE Film & Television Industry club. Without them, none of this would be possible!