About the Festival

IE International Student Film Festival is a chance for filmmakers across the globe to participate in a new approach to filmmaking. It's a chance for students to find their voice, to tell their stories, to show them to an international and diverse audience and to showcase their talents to businesses across the world looking for innovative and creative content makers.

The festival brings together artists and businesses so they can collaborate and build on their resources to make greater things together.


IE Film Festival is for students across the globe telling their stories through short films and leaving their impact on the world.

Not everybody has expensive equipment, not everyone has access to professional people and not everyone has the connections to spread their message; but anybody has the capability to tell a good story and that’s all we need to convey a message, to inspire and to make a change.

Our ultimate goal is to bring different voices together to tell and hear stories. Because all you need to change the world is a good story…



  • General: This category is for all fiction films regardless of their genre or category. The films have to be made by a student or a recent graduate and be no longer than five minutes and have the technical requirements mentioned in the festival’s site.


  • Special Theme: IE University has always been proud of its diverse students and alumni from almost everywhere in the world. Each one of them with their own story.
    Stories are what connect us. It's our mutual ground and our safe zone. We want to ask students around the world to find the unique story of their lives and tell it to the world. We want to inspire them to share something personal and aspire our audience to see those stories and connect with them.


  • One Minute Ads: The participants have to make a 1-minute ad for the sponsor of the festival and adhere to their requirements. The most creative and will be the winner of this category.


  • Spanish: All Spanish films submitted to the general and special category will qualify for this category and will be judged for this special prize for young Spanish filmmakers.

IESFF Awards

  • Best Short (General Category)
  • Best Short (Special Category)
  • Best Short (Sponsor Category)
  • Best Spanish Short
  • Best Cinematography (General and Special Combined)
  • Best Script (General and Special Combined)
  • Best Editing (General and Special Combined)
  • Best Actor
  • Best Actress