Lights, Camera, Action!

As the second month of the academic year is coming to an end, we are nearing the deadline for submission to participate in the IE International Student Film Festival. The event, set to take place early next year, is a novelty to IE University and as such the organisational team is optimistic in setting a high standard for years to come.

IE has always taken pride in the diversity of its students - both culture- and interest-wise. We represent a group of creative, innovative and ambitious intellectuals from different fields of work. However, the university is still relatively young, which means new opportunities for its students (as well as alumni) are continuously arising and no end is yet in sight. The IESFF initiative is certainly no exception. To the university that has it all, we represent just one puzzle piece that we felt was missing previously. With the Film Festival, we strive to create an event in which the cultural differences of our students can be overcome through storytelling. We aspire to bring together young filmmakers, to inspire them to share their stories with the audience, to make new connections and explore a wide range of talent both inside and outside IE.

Our ultimate goal is to bring different voices together to tell and hear stories. Our expectations may be high, but with what we have seen so far, we trust they will be exceeded far beyond. We are excited to see what’s to come. The question is, are you ready? The spotlight is on, the camera is running, all we need is you!